Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Review: Holy Disorders by Edmund Crispin

If you like mysteries which literate, humorous, and intricate, you will enjoy the books of Edmund Crispin. His crime solver is professor Gervaise Fen.

In Holy Disorders, organist and composer Geoffrey Vintner receives a request from Fen to  act as a substitute organist at the cathedral in Tolnbridge and to bring a butterfly net. Very shortly afterwards, he receives a threatening letter warning him not to go. He is also attacked while purchasing the butterfly net in a London department store.

Against his better judgement, Geoffrey goes to Tolnbridge where two murders would soon occur in the cathedral. There are a number of clergymen to be interrogated, and a problem with witchcraft in the neighborhood occurs.  Since this book was written 1945, there is also some difficulties with the war. This book is a delightful read.

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