Thursday, December 22, 2016

Scavenger Hunt Wrap-up 2016

It is now time to sum up my reading for the year for Bev Hankins' 2016 Cover Scavenger Hunts. It has been quite an enjoyable year of reading. Many thanks to Bev for managing all of this.

First for the Golden Cover Scavenger Hunt. For this, I have read 15 books. I did seem to be quite attracted to the covers of books by John Dickson Carr. I have six covers of his books in my list.

1. Hag's Nook   by John Dickson Carr. 1933. Picture of any other animal (rat)

2. The Lost Gallows   by John Dickson Carr. 1931.  Picture of a hangman's noose.

3.   The Santa Klaus Murder  by Mavis Doriel Hay. 1936.  Picture of a Christmas tree.

4.   Speak No Evil  by Mignon G. Eberhart. 1940. Picture of a telephone.

5.    The Deadly Truth  by Helen McCloy. 1946.  Picture of a drinking glass.

6.    Artists in Crime  by Ngaio Marsh.  1938. Picture of Artist/Art Equipment.

7.   The Skeleton in the Clock  by John Dickson Carr. 1948.  Picture of a clock/timepiece.

8.   The Estate of the Beckoning Lady  by Marjorie Allingham. 1955.  Picture of a policeman.

9.   No Coffin for the Corpse  by Clayton Rawson.  1942. Picture of just one person.

10. And So to Murder   by Carter Dickson. 1940.  Picture of a typewriter.

11.  The Reader is Warned   by Carter Dickson. 1939. Picture of a mask.

12.   Watson's Choice  by Gladys Mitchell. 1955.  Picture of a skull.

13.   Love Lies Bleeding  by Edmund Crispin. 1948.  Picture of a revolver.

14.    The Emperor's Snuff Box   by John Dickson Carr.  1942. Picture of a broken object.

15.    The Fallen Sparrow  by Dorothy B. Hughes.  1943. Picture of a bird.

Then I attempted the Silver Cover Scavenger Hunt. For this I read ten books. I did rather get carried away by the books of Emma Lathen, and read five books by her (actually, by them). I do think that John Putnam Thatcher is a very likeable detective.

1.  Sweet Death, Kind Death  by Amanda Cross. 1984. Picture of a body of water.

2. No Case for the Police  by V. C. Clinton-Baddeley. 1970.  Picture of a clock.

3.  Death's Bright Dart  by V. C. Clinton-Baddeley.  1967. Picture of a blue object.

4.  A Stitch in Time  by Emma Lathen.  1968. Picture of a nurse.

5.  Murder Against the Grain  by Emma Lathen. 1967. Picture of two people.

6. Death of a Mystery Writer   by Robert Barnard. 1978.  Picture of a drinking glass.

7. The Bay Psalm Book Murder by Will Harriss.  1983. Picture of a skeletal hand.

8. Banking on Death  by Emma Lathen.  1961. Picture of a dead body.

9.  The Longer the Thread  by Emma Lathen. 1971. Picture of just one person.

10.   Green Grow the Dollars  by Emma Lathen.  1982. Picture of a green object.

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Bev Hankins said...

Great hunting job! I'm so glad you've enjoyed the scavenging. I'm looking forward to seeing what you all find in 2017.